Jacob C. Reese

I was born in the Salt Lake Valley next to the artistically inspiring Wasatch mountains in a land whose history is filled with fascinating stories. I grew up and went to school in the suburban wasteland between snowy peaks and wide open desert. I now live in Israel, drawing and painting from the world around me.

A list from life:

2013 Strange Figurations at Limner Gallery

2011 Surreal Visions at Limner Gallery

2010 August show at Charley Hafen Jewelers and Gallery

2010 Cd cover art for Laughter

2010 Michael Berry Gallery March Show

2009 August art show at Charley Hafen Jewelers and Gallery

2009 Utah Arts Festival

2008 Cd cover art for Zion Tribe, Subliminal Messages Cd

2001 Leather show - Art of motorcycle culture - Airbrushed helmet sculpture collaboration with Fred Conlon

1998 Quit college

1996 Started college

1994 Graduated High School

1990 Sold first T-shirt design

1976 Born


2012 Direct Art Magazine Vol. 19

2009 Studio Visit Magazine Vol. 6
























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