Artist's Statement

I create because I cannot resist.

I am interested in textures and subjects from life. Studying these leads to drawings that reveal more emotive and interesting forms. Once a form can be mimicked, a new reality can be created. By combining texture, forms, and detail, I fill these new realities with expressive denizens. The living figure is of particular interest to me, and when I am not working on imaginary critters, I draw and paint people.

For some time I've been using crosshatching and variable line weight, sharpie markers and spontaneous inebriation to express the subconscious. I have developed an addiction to pastels and oil paints.

The process varies, but I enjoy playing with new techniques and media. This will often lead to a cycle of trying new things inspired by a process, in which I find something else new, which leads me quickly into another process. Sometimes I get very little done in any single area of exploration due to the distraction of a technique or media in the process.

Jake Reese 2013
Kfar Netter, Israel






















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